AWC 's Brief History

Message from President

cyprus-PhotoIn the 1960s the wife of the Ambassador of the Embassy of the United States of America organized a monthly coffee morning for the embassy wives to help each other feel more at home in a foreign land. On the third Thursdays of the month the ladies would meet at their respective homes for a visit.

Eventually, the wife of the Ambassador expanded the Club by inviting guests and guest speakers. The wives of the foreign correspondents from the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) were invited to join. As the group expanded, the meetings moved from private homes to the elegant Hilton Cyprus Hotel. Expanding gradually, the AWC became multi-national, as non-Americans were invited to join as associate members. The doors opened more widely when associate membership status was dropped in favor of full membership. Members brought in local friends and welcomed newcomers to the island and to the club. Over the years, attending some of the coffee mornings, were the wife of the President of Cyprus, many Cypriot ladies, wives of numerous Ambassadors and other dignitaries from many countries, cultures and faiths.

The ladies began to raise money to donate to local Cypriot charities. Generous donations have been made over the years to help people with special needs, the ill, elderly, children, women, and even abandoned animals.
The name, “The American Women’s Club of Cyprus”, is an accurate name for the club, as it was founded for and named by the women from the Embassy of the United States of America in the 1960s. The name, however, has now become slightly misleading, because our membership is not comprised primarily of Americans. Our membership is multi-national, multi-cultural, widely diverse and wonderfully mixed.

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